What are thyroid disorders and how can we prevent it?

BlogWhat are thyroid disorders and how can we prevent it?
What are thyroid disorders and how can we prevent it

What are thyroid disorders and how can we prevent it?

Let me think of you because your health is very important to me. You are also concerned about your health but lack of information is making you compromise with it. Busy schedule, change in lifestyle is not giving you enough time to think about your health. Facing certain problems but not able to identify what is the right reason behind it? Being busy is not giving you enough time to visit the doctor and to gain an understanding of what is wrong with your health. Let me help you with your problem. Just go through my blog and you will get to know about thyroid disorders, its prevention, symptoms, and causes.

Before I make you understand what you are suffering from you need to take an initiative and analyze it by yourself. Step by step we will understand every aspect of it. First, understand what is a thyroid disorder. It is a condition where there is an effect on the thyroid gland, it is a gland in the front of the neck. It plays a major role in regulating several metabolic processes in the body.

Symptoms of thyroid disorders

There are numerous symptoms of thyroid disorders which I have got to know and share the same with you. Take out some time and analyze whether you are going through any of the symptoms and from how long.

  • Menstrual changes
  • Nervousness
  • Lack of concentration
  • Weight gain/loss
  • Increased cholesterol levels
  • Bloating
  • Palpitations
  • Pain
  • Heat intolerance

Causes of thyroid disorders

We, humans, make a lot of mistakes and neglect many things on which we should concentrate. Some of the things which we neglect impact our health and cause diseases and sometimes it is because of our hereditary also. Now let us decide what have you ignored that is causing problems for you.

Causes of thyroid disorders

  • Deficiency of iodine in the food
  • Got infected by any virus or bacteria and not given attention to it which is causing the thyroid gland inflammation.
  • Some autoimmune diseases attack your own body
  • Hereditary disorder. Someone in the family or extended family has a thyroid disorder and by genes, it has been transferred to you.
  • Some major medical treatments such as radiation therapies, thyroid surgery, and certain medicines have side effects and result in thyroid problems.
  • Non-cancerous nodules or lumps inside the thyroid
  • Cancerous tumors on the thyroid

Have you been able to identify any of the symptoms or the causes which are creating difficulties in your life? If yes, then you need to take some precautions and need to consult your doctor or else it will turn out to be a major problem for your health. It is not only about you it is also about your family so you must not delay and take your health as a priority. I have briefed you about the symptoms and causes so I will throw some light on the preventions also, but it will be not enough at all. Preventions only work if you take your medication properly as prescribed by your doctor so reach out to them as soon as possible.

Prevention tips you should take to put an end to your thyroid disorder

Prevention tips you should take to put an end to your thyroid disorder

Steer clear of processed food

The food which is processed includes a lot of chemicals that help it to get stored and make it a convenience food. Chemicals used in processing the food can make alterations to the hormones which can be one of the prominent reasons to cause thyroid disorder. So people who are on the edge of the thyroid disorder should avoid it.

Skip out on soy

Restrict the intake of soy products as it may adversely impact on the functions of thyroid and get in the way of absorption of synthetic thyroid hormones. It also alters hormone production.

Stop smoking

Smoking causes major diseases and thyroid is not an exception to it. While smoking toxins are released and it results in the thyroid gland to turn over sensitive.

Bring down the stress

Stress solely can not be the root cause of thyroid disorder, but it can be a prominent reason to worsen the condition. Stress slows down the metabolism of the body which affects the thyroid. It is also one of the leading reasons for weight gain during thyroid disorder.

Visit your doctor regularly

Visiting your doctor for regular health check-ups keeps you updated and helps to identify the disease at the initial stage. At the initial stage, it is easy to cure any disease. Regular health check-up also helps to identify if there is any risk of developing thyroid disease. It also regulates your thyroid condition and updates you about your condition.

Say no to excessive endurance exercise

Running and spinning for longer distances and hours have an injurious effect on the thyroid. If thyroid hormones are not under control then starvation or excessive exercise can result in heart failure. To avoid any such mishappening it is good to work out for a shorter period and minimizing the cardio exercises.

Protect yourself against X-rays

The radiation affects the thyroid gland as it is one of the most sensitive organs which is exposed to the risk of radiation. According to the American Thyroid Association, dental x-rays are the major source of radiation to the thyroid and lead to thyroid cancer. In the USA it is the standard procedure to provide some kind of protection to dental patients while taking their x-rays.

After reading my blog please analyze all the points, some of them are learnings and some experience. By taking care of your health you are not showing concern just for yourself it is a reflection of the care you are showing towards your family. Your health issues do not only make you weak it also has an influence on your financial expenses and on your family. The studies have also shown that the thyroid is more likely to happen in women as compared to men. Your knowledge is only helpful when you share it with others so share the learnings with your family and friends. We care about you and your health.

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