How food and medicine compliment each other?

BlogHow food and medicine compliment each other?
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How food and medicine compliment each other?

Human beings are the ecological community that needs food for survival. Holding on to life is a strenuous task as there is always a need to perform diverse actions. Food is one of the ingredients which is needed to carry on the activities. But in performing various activities the functioning of a human sometimes loses its path physically and that arises when they are unwell. Food is essential for the development of our body and it plays a major role in fighting with the disease when we are sick. So, we can say that the food and medicine work side by side. There are various medications which are dependent on the food. It is crucial to keep in mind whether the prescribed medication should be taken with a meal or without the meal. The medication prescribed with food, if not taken as asked may not affect your health. There is a probability of having side effects too. Medications result is dependent on several things such as the amount, the time and the type of meal which is consumed. Medicines interact with each other is a known fact to the majority of people but food also affects the working process of medication. Food is complementary to medication in some of the cases where medicine is backed up by food and in such cases medicines when taken is absorbed by our body to decrease the side effects and work appropriately. In cases when the medication is recommended to take without food then the food intake or having snacks should be avoided as it does not allow the medicines to get absorbed or slow down the process. It reduces the effectiveness of the medicine. There are certain reasons because of which medicines should be taken with or after food: which medicines should be taken with or after food 1. To lessen the side effects of vomiting After certain medicines, there are more likely chances that the patient can face nausea or vomiting. To reduce such cases it’s better to take medicine after the meal. 2. To reduce the side effects of stomach irritability, upset stomach. Some medicines have nature to have an impact on the stomach if not taken with a meal, it can result in ulcers, irritation in the stomach, stomach inflammation, digestion problems. To avoid such issues medicine should be taken with or after food. It is not necessary to have a proper meal before taking medicine. Biscuits, milk or some snacks are enough to avoid stomach problems. 3. To make sure the medicine is immersed into the bloodstream accurately Some medicine needs food for proper absorption of medicine in the body without food it can’t be dissolved properly. The purpose won’t get fulfilled if the medicine does not get dissolved. So to make sure the medicine is immersed properly food should be taken before taking medicine. How Does Food work like Medicine? Every human body needs food for the working, what we eat daily decides whether we are going to be in a good physical condition or not in the present and the future too. Ages ago Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” The relationship between food and medicine is complicated. Your diet includes different foods and plays crucial in keeping you healthy. The healthy food keeps the balance of blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol level and helps in the digestion of foods and to eliminate waste out of our body. “You become what you eat” is an essential thing to keep in mind these days. Healthy diets help in reducing the risk of many diseases. Lack of nutrition is the primary reason for an increase in the diseases and is connected with more than one in four deaths taking place in the US. Half of the population of US adults have one or more preventable chronic disease because of a lack of dietary nutrition. Source: is an essential thing to keep in mind these days It is very well said, “ Too much of anything is bad”. The size of the meal is also responsible for keeping us healthy. Undereating and overeating both the scenarios are held responsible for making people ill. Food and medicine are complementary to each other which works together for curing the illness. But, the problem that arises is that we tend to forget to take medicines as prescribed and we don’t take it on time. Medicines need to be taken as instructed on the right time for it to work correctly. Remembering to take medicine sometimes seems like a problem but it is a necessity which can’t be avoided so we have provided a solution to remember the medicines and when to take them. We have come up with a solution named as MediQ. It is an app that helps you to keep track of all your medicines and reminds you when it’s time to refill the medicines. The app helps in getting the notification at the scheduled time and reminds you to take medicine. Taking medicine at the right time leads to having food on the proper timings which are required to be physically fit. Chronic disease is a major reason for high healthcare expenses, and employers bear these expenses. According to the federal agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 86% of healthcare spending in the US is for patients with one or more chronic conditions. Technology is advancing these days then why not take advantage of the growing technology by cutting the expense on the chronic diseases and replacing the same with our newly launched app with various features. With our “MediQ” app, you can save money and live an indeed happy life.

Being healthy is one of the basic requirements of every human being. Food plays a major role in keeping us healthy, but food alone is not enough to fulfill our needs. Some diseases need medicine to cure them but taking care of diet proves to be helpful for the medicine to work effectively. So, it is not wrong to say that food and medicine work simultaneously and we should take care of the food and medicine together.

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