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23rd December, 2019

MediQ pill reminder app to lead a healthy life

Taking medicine is part of every human’s life nowadays, taking the right medicine at the right time is a frustrating and tedious job. MediQ is a pill reminder app to provide medical assistance to people who intake medicines on regular basis but tend to forget to have it at the...

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28th November, 2019

How food and medicine compliment each other?

Human beings are the ecological community that needs food for survival. Holding on to life is a strenuous task as there is always a need to perform diverse actions. Food is one of the ingredients which is needed to carry on the activities. But in performing various activities the functioning...

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14th November, 2019

Why medicines need to be taken as prescribed?

Inhabitants growth leads the way to change in the manner of living of every individual resulting in an increased number of diseases. Every ailment needs to be cured for that medication is the only way out. Taking medicine is not a task but what is more important is taking right...

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25th July, 2019

Migraine: Symptoms, triggers, risk factor and prevention

What is a migraine?  Migraine is a disease in which a person faces severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation. It usually happens on one side of the head. It has been observed that migraine comes with some other side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light...

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