7 Essentials You Must-Have for a Healthy Life

Blog7 Essentials You Must-Have for a Healthy Life
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7 Essentials You Must-Have for a Healthy Life

While the pandemic rages on, many people over the world are confined to their homes and cannot go to the gym to get their regular dose of exercise. This year, a large number of people have been responsible for their health in unprecedented ways- right from working out at home to preparing their meals, striking a work-life balance, and trying to navigate through the emotional changes caused by the lockdown. 

While it may seem impossible to motivate yourself after numerous months of restrictions and throwbacks, certain health and fitness products can cheer you up and motivate you to push a little harder. What’s better? These products come highly recommended and will help you achieve your health goals faster. 

Here are some of the most effective health and wellness products that will positively impact your life- 

Tego Fit Yoga Mat

This reversible mat is sure to take care of all your workout needs. If your workout session consists of a breezy workout you can rely on the Guide Align technology that helps you maintain your balance and helps you stretch deeper and achieve the best posture. The other side has a honeycomb texture that provides a great grip and stops you from slipping when your workouts have been intense and you are sweating too much. 

Book Factory Fitness Journal

It is understandably difficult to keep a track of your workouts and motivate yourself to stay consistent in these trying times. However, the first step to manifesting your goals is externalizing it. The best way to keep a track of your workouts and the progress you have made is to maintain a workout journal. This not only gives you a sense of responsibility but also inculcates a sense of pride and satisfaction because this makes it easier to see your efforts and progress in the long run. The best journal for fitness is the Book Factory fitness journal which is easily available on Amazon. 

Medicine Ball - Remedyspace

Medicine Ball

Like an inclined treadmill helps you burn more calories, doing certain exercises off-balance tends to have a greater impact on the body. This is where a medicine ball can help. A medicine ball can help you exercise off balance but with safety ensured. There are various exercises that a medicine ball can help you perform. From a beginner who can use it for ab exercises or core workout to a professional who can use medicine balls of greater weight to improve their posture, a medicine ball can help anyone achieve their intended goals faster while adding an element of fun.

Resistance Bands 

Resistance bands are a great portable tool that can enhance your workout and help you challenge yourself at home without investing in expensive workout equipment and machinery. A resistance band, as the name suggests just adds resistance to your movements and hence your muscles undergo greater exertion and exercise. They are the most effective and one of the least expensive, making them a great investment for home workouts.

A Journal for Self-Discovery

Oftentimes mental health is ignored and given second preference as compared to physical health, but these unprecedented times have changed that to a great effect. We have all experienced some form of anxiety, fear, and other stressors that have tested our mental health. The taboo around mental health also leads people to believe that no preventive measures of precautions you can take. The best way to help yourself is to journal your thoughts, indulge in art, relax, meditate, and talk to someone when you need help. If you wish to take some time out for yourself and take care of your mental health, ‘A Journal for Self Discovery’ by Ila Singh is a great way to achieve this goal.


HealthifyMe is a great application that helps you track your process by tracking your food intake, water consumption, sleeping patterns, and workouts. This is a great tool that helps you manage your expectations and goals by setting achievable targets while simultaneously pushing you to better. This is a one-stop solution that acts as a calorie tracker, weight loss assistant, and many other such functions.

Remedyspace - Best Health App

RemedySpace App

If you are suffering from a hereditary or chronic condition, and rely on medication to get through the day. Remedyspace is a great app that not only acts as a pill reminder but also reminds you when you need a refill. One of its features is a forum that gives you a sense of community., it has numerous people from all over the world who share their experiences and help you navigate your symptoms. Downloading this app is immensely beneficial.

With these tools you can easily keep your health and fitness in check and lead a fulfilling life by keeping your heart and mind happy. So, what are you waiting for, try them out today!

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